Accessing Office365

With Office365 we have enabled Single Sign On (SSO) for campus managed desktop PCs using Internet Explorer.

If you have logged on to a campus managed desktop PC and then try and access Office365 via you will not need to login again and your mailbox will automatically be presented.

You will be presented with a login box if:

  • You use a browser other than Internet Explorer (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc...)
  • You use a campus managed desktop from off campus
  • You use a non-campus managed desktop PC on campus (personal laptop, Mac, Linux etc...)

Staff members also studying as a student

If you are a member of staff and also have a student account and you are a logged on to a campus managed desktop PC with your staff login ID, you will receive the following error when trying to access your student email:

"A ‌mailbox could not be found for If the problem continues, contact your helpdesk".

This error is presented as SSO is trying to open an Office365 account in your staff name.  Your staff mailbox remains on Exchange email servers on campus, whereas your student email is a cloud based service hosted by Microsoft.  Therefore to access you student email :

  • Log on to the campus managed desktop PC using your student account
  • Log on to Office365 via a browser other than Internet Explorer (Eg. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc...)
  • Log on to RAS as using your student account and access Office 365 from there

If you are unable to remember your student login details please contact the IT Service Desk on 0191 208 5999 (available 24/7) for student password resets

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