Current Issues

Logging on to Outlook Web App via Safari on a Mac 


After entering your username and password and clicking 'Sign In', nothing happens and you return to the log-in screen.


At present and until we can figure out the cause of the problem, we suggest using an alternative browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

Update - 03/10/13 :  The problem only seems to be present when using Safari on OSX Lion (10.7.x) and OSX Snow Leopard (10.6.x).  Safari on OSX Mountain Lion (10.8.x) works fine.  

Note:  We have done some initial testing on a beta version of OSX Mavericks (10.9.x) and at present that seems to work fine too, although there is no way to test the final release yet.

Update 2 - 22/10/13 : On the 22nd October 2013, Apple released OSX Mavericks as a free download for all Macs with Snow Leopard (10.6.x) and higher.  The new OS is available to download through the Mac App Store.

We have tested Safari on OSX Mavericks with Office365 and Apple seem to have fixed the issue.

Unable to Search in Outlook Web App via Safari/Firefox on a Mac


You are unable to click in the search box when using Outlook Web App on Safari or Firefox on a Mac


Microsoft are aware of the problem, but are unable to offer a resolution timescale, however the workaround is to try Chrome.

Update - 22/04/14

Microsoft are rolling out patches across their datacentres to fix this issue.

Internet Explorer 9 crashes when using cut and paste in Outlook Web App (OWA)


When pasting into a message in Outlook Web App, Internet Explorer 9 crashes.


The problem only exists with Internet Explorer 9.  Later versions of IE (10+), Chrome and Firefox do not suffer the issue.  We are looking to upgrade Cluster PCs to Internet Explorer 10.  It is unlikely that Microsoft will fix the issue.

You receive an MSIS7012 error when trying to log on to Outlook Web App (OWA)


When logging on to Outlook Web App you receive the following error:

There was a problem accessing the site. Try to browse to the site again.

If the problem persists, contact the administrator of this site and provide the reference number to identify the problem.

MSIS7012: An error occurred while processing the request. Contact your administrator for details.

Reference number: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx


This problem is usually caused by a problem with your browser cookies or cached credentials.  Either try to:

  1. Clear your browser cookies
  2. Use an inPrivate / incognito / Private Window to access your OWA.  

Internet Explorer 10+ - inPrivate

To open an inPrivate browser window:  Either press CTRL+Shift+P or click the cog on the menu, select safety, select inPrivate browsing.

Chrome - Incognito

To open a incognito window in Chrome: Either press CTRL+Shift+N on a PC, CMD+Shift+N on a Mac or click the Chrome settings menu and select New Incognito window.

Firefox - Private Window

To open a private browsing window:  Either press CTRL+Shift+P on a PC, CMD+Shift+P on a Mac or click the Firefox settings menu and select New Private Browsing window.

Attachments and Address book don't work in OWA when using Chrome 37+

Google removed the ShowmodalDialog API from Chrome 37.  Since removing this, it has stopped some functions of Outlook Web App working.  Info:

We either need to wait for Google fixing Chrome or Microsoft redesigning Outlook Web App to not use this functionality.


Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari work OK.  Alternatively you may be able to sort the attachment issue, by installing the Silverlight plugin for Chrome.

You can also alter the registry for Chrome to reintroduce the functionality until April 2015, however it is a complex procedure that we wouldn't advise changing unless you are comfortable doing so.

Unable to Activate the new version of Outlook for Mac

On 31/10/14 Microsoft released a new version of Outlook for Mac via Office365.  Unfortunately lots of people are complaining they are unable to activate the software.


When clicking Sign-In, the setup wizard redirects to our institutional login page and no variation of username or password is accepted.


We are unable to provide any workarounds or advice at this time, save for continuing to use existing mail clients.


Microsoft have updated their activation process, so now Outlook will activate.

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