Getting Started

Logging on to your Office365 mailbox with Outlook Web App (OWA)

You can log on to Outlook Web App through a web browser. There are two versions of OWA and it depends on your browser which version you get:

OWA Premium Client is available with the following browsers

  • Microsoft Windows
    • Internet Explorer 7 +
    • Mozilla Firefox 3.0.1 +
    • Google Chrome +
  • Apple OSX
    • Safari 3.1 +
    • Mozilla Firefox 3.0.1 +
  • Linux
    • Mozilla Firefox 3.0.1 +

In your browser enter the following URL:

If accessing OWA from a Campus Managed Desktop PC, you will not need to log in.  Single-Sign-On will be activated from you having already logged on to the PC. If you are using your own PC/laptop on campus or from off-campus you will be presented with a login box.

Enter your University userID (example: b1234567) and password to log on.

When you first log on you will be asked what language and time zone you wish.  If you are going to be studying in Newcastle, please select:

  • Language:  English (United Kingdom)
  • Time Zone : (UTC) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London

OWA First logon screen


Note: It is possible to alter language and time zone setting from OWA options.

Most mobile devices (iOS, Android and Windows Phone) can access email using Microsoft ActiveSync. Please see documentation for Mobile Devices.

We have also added Microsoft Lync functionality to within OWA.  Instant messaging and presence information can now be seen.

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