There are a number of fixed limitations with your Office365 mailbox.

Maximum message size

The maximum message size that you can send and receive is 25MB.  Should you wish to transfer larger files, you should use the University’s File Transfer service:

You can send a maximum of 250 attachments per email message

Maximum attachment size

The maximum size of an individual attachment is 25MB.

Maximum number of recipients per message

You are unable to send a message to more than 500 people.  Should you wish to send individual messages to more than 500 people, you should consider using the University’s dedicated email list service :

Message rate limit

You can send a maximum of 30 messages per minute. 

Recipient rate limit

You can send to a maximum of 10,000 recipients per day

Deleted Items folder retention limit

Items in the Deleted Items folder are kept for a maximum of 30 days before they are purged automatically

Recover Deleted Items limit

Items purged from the Deleted Items folder can be retrieved from Recover Deleted Items for a further 30 days.  They will be permanently deleted with no mechanism for retrieval after this time passes.

Junk Email folder retention limit

Items in the Junk Email folder will be automatically removed after 30 days.  It is imperative that you check in case items have been wrongly marked as junk email.

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