Information Security


We suggest that you include some form of password/pin on you mobile device to hinder University information being accessible, should your mobile device be lost or stolen.

Should you lose your device, you can also make sure that any data is wiped from the device, by using the Remote Device Wipe function in Outlook Web App (OWA).

Log on to OWA

Select the Cog icon and select options


Select Phone from the left hand menu

You should now see all devices that have created a partnership with your mailbox.  From here you can remote wipe the device or remove the partnership

Note:  Please note that the Remote Wipe function will reset the device to factory default. All data and settings will be removed, not just e-mail and calendar data.

To perform a remote device wipe, select the device from the list. Click the Wipe Device icon. You will receive a confirmation message that asks you if you are sure that you want to perform this action. If you decide to perform the remote device wipe, the data on your mobile phone and any installed storage cards will be deleted the next time that the mobile phone tries to connect to the Exchange server. As soon as a remote device wipe has been initiated, the status of your phone will be Pending Wipe. When the wipe is complete, the status of the mobile phone will change to Wipe Completed.

Once the device has been wiped OWA will prompt you to remove the device from your Mobile Device List, by selecting the cross.


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