iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

These instructions are based on iOS 8.0, so may slightly differ on older versions of iOS 

Select Settings

Select Mail, Contacts and Calendar

Select Add Account

Select Microsoft Exchange


Enter your University email address ensuring it uses the longer form @newcastle.ac.uk address.

Example:  A.N.Other@newcastle.ac.uk

Enter your password and give the account an appropriate description.  It will default to 'Exchange', but you can change it should you wish.

Click Next

Enter outlook.office365.com as the server address.

Enter your University username and append @newcastle.ac.uk to the end of it

Example:  b1234567@newcastle.ac.uk (Note:  This is not your email address)

 Click Next and select what you want to synchronize and click Save.

Click Save to complete setup


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