Office 365 FAQs

Getting started

1.1 What is Office365

Office365 is a hosted service provided by Microsoft. It includes a 25GB mailbox that is based on Microsoft Exchange 2010.  Office365 includes other services that we will be investigating whether we can offer them in the future.

1.2 How do I access my mailbox?

The primary method of access is via a web browser, using Outlook Web App (OWA). OWA can be accessed using the the URL: You can also access your mailbox using a variety of mobile devices.


1.3 Which mobile devices can I use to access my mailbox?

We have tested Office365 using iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android and Windows Phone 7+. It is possible that other mobile devices will also work, however we have been unable to test yet.


1.4 What browsers can I use to access OWA?

OWA can be accessed from any browser, however the fully featured premium version is only available using the following browsers

  • Microsoft Windows
    • Internet Explorer 7 +
    • Mozilla Firefox 3.0.1 +
    • Google Chrome +
  • Apple OSX
    • Safari 3.1 +
    • Mozilla Firefox 3.0.1 +
  • Linux
    • Mozilla Firefox 3.0.1 +


2.1 How do I turn conversation view off?

The default view in OWA is 'conversation view'.  The new view groups together email conversations (it also includes items you have sent).  Although conversation view can be a time-saver, it can be also quite confusing if you are not used to it.

OWA Conversation View

If you see a little arrow next to a message (marked A), click it to expand the entire conversation (marked B).  You can then select each message in the conversation.  A tick will appear next to the message that is in focus.

Should you wish to disable Conversation View, click Conversations by Date (detailed 1) and de-select Conversation (detailed 2), your folder will revert back to a traditional view.   You will need to do this on each folder that you wish to disable conversation view.

2.2 How long does it take for OWA to time out?

OWA will time out after 8 hours of inactivity.


2.3 How do I sort my mailbox?

You can sort your mailbox using a variety of different columns. Click on the highlighted arrow shown, to display the different sort options.

OWA Sort


2.4 How do I search mailbox?

You can search your entire mailbox or (specific folders) by entering search terms in the search box and clicking the magnifying glass icon.  Note the highlighted arrow to view more search options.  The Filter menu also gives an easy way to narrow search results down.

OWA Search

2.5 I need to recover a deleted item?

If you have deleted an item, it will be present in your Deleted Items folder for 30 days (unless you manually empty it). Once removed from your Deleted Items folder, it is recoverable for a further 14 days using Recover Deleted Items. Right click on the Deleted Items folder and select Recover Deleted Items. Once they have been purged from Recover Deleted Items, there is no way to retrieve them item.


2.6 How do I send large attachments?

In Office365 you can only send messages smaller than 25MB. An individual attachment can be no larger than 10MB. Should you wish to send larger attachments, use the File Drop-Off service. Information about the drop-Off service can be found in our knowledge base.


About Office365

3.1 Why did you choose Office365

Office365 was deemed to fit best with the existing investment in IT infrastructure at the University. It links well with existing on-premises Exchange servers, offers consistency with Outlook Web Access and Microsoft Office applications and better integration with our Active Directory.  Most importantly Office365 offers a much improved student email experience.

3.2 Where is my mailbox located?

Office365 is hosted in Microsoft's primary EU data-centres in either Dublin or Amsterdam.


3.3 Who owns my mailbox data?

The University maintains data ownership and management of your mailbox data.


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