Other Methods of Access

POP Access

Due to problems being caused by enabling POP access to Office365 mailboxes, which typically involves users accidentally configuring their mail client to remove email from the server, we are going to disable the POP protocol.

OWA, native Exchange (used by Outlook, Apple Mail and most mobile devices) and IMAP access will still remain available and in both instances offer better functionality than POP access.

IMAP Access

In most instances we would advise that you use native Office365 Exchange protocols to access your mail.  It integrates the calendaring and collaborative functionality of Microsoft Exchange.

Apple Mail and Outlook 2011 for Mac both work natively with Office365.  Most mobile devices use ActiveSync to access your email and calendaring.

If you are using an email client that doesn't work natively with Exchange (a client on Linux for instance), the following configuration settings will work:

UserID format
  • userid@newcastle.ac.uk   (Eg. nabc1@newcastle.ac.uk)
Incoming Server Details
  • Server name: outlook.office365.com
  • Port: 993
  • Encryption method: SSL
    • Thunderbird users may need to change the encryption method to SSL/TLS
Outgoing Server Details
  • Server name: smtpauth.ncl.ac.uk
  • Port: 465
  • SSL Enabled
  • Authentication Enabled (Authenticate with your University userID in simple form, e.g. nabc123 (no slashes and no @newcastle.ac.uk) and your usual campus password)
  • Connection Security: STARTTLS

Apple Mail (v4.5+)

Open Apple Mail,

Select Exchange and click continue

A wizard should appear asking for your email address and password.

Enter your email address in the long format @newcastle.ac.uk

If it's not the first account you are creating, a wizard will not appear and you will need to select Mail, Preferences, Accounts from the menu.  Select the '+' icon to add a new account.

Select Continue

Apple Mail tries to guess your userID based on your email address prefix, which isnt' correct.  Click Continue

Add your userID in the following format:  userid@newcastle.ac.uk

Enter outlook.office365.com as the server address

Click Continue and finally select whether you want to also sync your contacts and calendar with Apple’s address book and iCal software.  Click Done

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