Outlook Web App (OWA)

Outlook Web App (OWA) is a main method of access to your University email, calendar and contacts and is used via a web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome).

OWA works like well-known commercial email services (Outlook.com, Gmail, etc.): you can use it from anywhere where you can find a computer that is connected to the internet.

To access OWA, navigate to http://office365.ncl.ac.uk in a web browser.

OWA contains an inbuilt calendar, directory search, instant messaging and presence information.

You can navigate the different elements of your mailbox by selecting the menu items:

We also have Skype for Business functionality into OWA. Skype for Business shows presence information and instant messaging.


You can control your presence and availability by clicking on the silhouette image.  (Note: you can add a picture to replace the silhouette image by following these instructions). You will note that by default that you will be set to 'available' (the green bar) when signed into OWA.

You can see the availability of others by selecting the People tab and searching for them.  You can also instigate an Instant Messaging (IM) session from the People tab.  A new window will appear containing your IM session.

OWA options can be found under the cog button.

Email Signatures

You can add a signature to your emails via OWA. There isn't any specific University-wide guidance on what to include, but we'd recommend sticking to contact information. To add a signature, you should follow Microsoft's instructions.

Dedicated OWA apps for mobile devices 

You can also download dedicated OWA apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

Configuration options for dedicated OWA apps:

Enter your email address in @newcastle.ac.uk format.  Example:  your.email@newcastle.ac.uk

Enter your password

Select close when asked whether you trust the website.

Select Advanced

Enter user name with @newcastle.ac.uk appended.  Example. b1234567@newcastle.ac.uk

Leave Domain blank

Enter servername as outlook.office365.com

Ensure SSL is selected

Click Sign-In





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