Dropping off file(s)

Important reminder(s) : Your recipient has 14 days to download any file(s) you drop-off. (14 actual days, not 14 working days).

You are encouraged to encrypt any sensitive information before uploading it.

If you are an external user :

Click the button marked Drop-off:

The screen will appear as shown below (click to enlarge).

You now need to enter some information about yourself, then press Send confirmation. You will then be sent an email with a link to click to take you to the Drop-off page. 

(If you have been given a "Request Code" - see the page 'Request a drop-off' for more about this - then you can just enter the code, and press Send confirmation - you will be redirected straight to the Drop-off page)

If you are a Newcastle user (and are logged in) :

Click the button marked Drop-off:

If you have been given a "Request Code", enter it, then click Next on the following screen

The main drop-off page looks like this (click to enlarge) : 

Fill in the form on this page. There are two required fields : From: and To: You will not be able to submit a dropoff without supplying this information. (Users from the University who have logged into the system will have the From: field pre-completed and cannot modify it)

To add a recipient, click on the (+) symbol in the To: field. This will pop up a dialog box : 



You can either add one recipient at a time, or you can add many (clicking Add Many: will expand the box to allow you to add more than one email address, one on each line)


You can leave a short note for the recipents if you like.


If you leave the Send an email... checkbox filled, then the system will send you a confirmation email when the recipient picks up your file (un-check this if you are not concerned about this)

Browse through your computer's filestore to select files to upload. You can enter a brief description of the file in the Description field if need be. As you select files, the fieldset will expand to allow you to select further. When you are done, click Drop-off Files. You will be presented with a summary page (click to enlarge) :

The recipient(s) will be sent an email notifying them of the drop-off with download instructions.

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