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How long do files remain in the Drop-Off System?

Files will remain in the system for 14 days (that's 14 actual days, not 14 working days), after which they are automatically deleted from the system.

It's been longer than 14 days since I made a dropoff/a file was dropped off for me. Can you get the file back for me?

No. After 14 days, the file will be automatically deleted. You cannot expect IT Service system staff to retrieve the file from backup - system backups are taken for disaster recovery purpose only - you need to re-upload the file/ask the sender to re-send the file.

Is the Drop-Off System secure way to send files?

The Dropoff server runs on a secure (ie https) webserver - all network traffic is encrypted. Anyone who knows the correct Claim ID and Passcode can download a file. In that respect, the Drop-Off system has about the same level of security as sending the file as an email attachment. If you need greater security for your files then you should password protect or encrypt your files before dropping them off.  If the data you wish to send is highly confidential, then consider alternative methods such as burning a CD and delivering the data personally.

How large can the files be?

We have the following limits imposed on the Dropoff server. Files can be no larger than 5GB in size, and a dropoff (which may contain more than one file) can be no larger than 5GB. Due to network bandwidth limitations, anything over 5GB (on the campus network) will take too long to upload, and likely cause your web browser to timeout. For really large files, we recommend that you use a file archive utility (such as 7-Zip, WinRAR, WinZip) to split your large file into smaller parts and upload them separately.

How do I notify someone that I have dropped off files for them?

You don't need to - the system will automatically email them to let them know that a file is waiting for them. This notification email will be sent from the Newcastle University File Drop-Off and not from you, however. You should ensure that you have typed the recipient's email address correctly. All the recipient needs to get a file is the Claim ID and Passcode, so you can resend them this information if need be.

I've lost the email with the Claim ID and Passcode. Can you send it to me?

No, you will need to contact the original sender of the drop-off. IT Service staff will not provide this information.

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