Logging into the system

This page is intended for members of the University (users who have a University user name and password and a @ncl.ac.uk email address) - external users with a Claim ID and passcode should follow the instructions for picking up items.

Upon navigating to the Drop-Off server, you will see a front page with 4 buttons - Login; Drop-off; Pick-up;  - click the button marked Login:

You will now be redirected to the University's Web Login Gateway. You should enter your University Login (ie Windows) ID and password and click 'Login'.

Upon successfully logging into the login gateway, you will be returned to the Drop-Off server - you will now see two additional buttons : Drop-off; Pickup; Request a drop-off 

Along the top of the window, you will also see 3 additional options : Inbox; Outbox; Logout

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