About University Filestore


Filestore is automatically available whenever you login at any University PC (currently about 11,000 PCs in total, including the 1300 Cluster PCs).

However, the filestore is also available by various means from anywhere on the Internet, using your University login name to authenticate your access.


Your filestore is kept secure from attacks by malicious software. It’s also “backed up” daily to protect against data loss and system failures.

The back-up systems are for system recovery purposes only. However, the Shadowcopy service means that files accidentally damaged or deleted can, within minutes, be restored from a recent copy (hours, up to days, old).


Your Home Folder and your Profile cannot be seen, or accessed, by others. (However note that specific system administrators within the IT Service, for reasons of service management, are excepted.)

You are advised not to change the file permissions, firstly to ensure that privacy is maintained, and secondly to ensure that the backup procedures work as intended.

Note that Shared Filestore and other types are usually accessible by others, in various ways depending on how the Filestore has been set up by your department.


Your filestore is managed by expert system administrators, who supervise the services continuously. Updates from software manufacturers are implemented carefully, and the hardware is upgraded in regular cycles to the highest standards.

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