The Network Recycle Bin

If you are using a Windows XP machine, any files deleted from your Home Folder are permanently deleted and can only be retrieved for a limited time by Shadow Copy.

In newer versions of Windows (Windows Vista and newer) files deleted from Home Folders are stored in ‘Network’ Recycle Bins as well as with Shadow Copy.

In order to restore files from your Network Recycle bin double click the Recycle Bin Icon on the Desktop and select a file to restore.

If you are sure you want to delete files or folders you can bypass the Recycle bin by holding down shift when deleting.

Important Note:

The Network Recycle bin counts against your Home Folder Quota. If you find you are low on space emptying your Recycle bin may solve the problem.

If you move between Windows XP and Windows Vista or newer computers please note that you will not be able to empty the Recycle bin while using Windows XP

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