Which filestore servers I use?

You ought to know which University servers you use, in case the IT Service Desk announce a problem with one of them and it needs to be taken temporarily out of service.

Every user of University PCs has filestore ("My Documents") on one of the Tower servers. They also have a Windows Profile, which contains their settings for the programs that they use,  their Explorer Favorites, and other tiny-but-crucial things.

Which servers do you use?

Use CMDInfo while logged in at any University PC: two clicks and you'll have all the details you need.

Using People Search to find out everything

The University's People Search tool gives all the details about your University login account: you can use this even if you're away from the University. Go to https://directory.ncl.ac.uk/

Click My Details (a tab near the top of the page). 
(If you are off campus, you will be prompted to log in before you can see your account details.)

You will be presented with a table of information associated with your login ID. Below the table is a link to see which file servers you use. This page details which Tower is used for your home directory (filestore), and where your profile and your trofile are located (the profile is used for campus logins, the trofile is used when you login to RAS).

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