AV system upgrades - Claremont Bridge 229 & 230

In an ongoing campaign to upgrade and standardise lecterns and AV facilities in our supported rooms we planned some work in rooms 2.29 and 2.30 in Claremont Bridge during early September.


Our plan was to replace the existing wooden cabinets with forward facing TeamMate Trainer lecterns and upgrade the AV equipment including replacing the data projection facilities.


As usual access to the rooms was limited so we had to be extremely precise with our planning and organising.  We liaised with ESS maintenance and ISS networks well in advance to ensure they could provide the appropriate mains and data outlets we requested in advance of the main AV install.


Once in place our team removed AV equipment from the wooden cabinet and started on the main AV install. This involved:- 

  • Running in new signal and control cables
  • Integrating PCs, DVD players and sound equipment within the new lectern
  • Installing and configuring brand new data projectors
  • Fitting, configuring and programming new Extron control panels 

On completion of the work we gave the systems a thorough test in advance of them being booked for general use.


We are very happy with the results and hope that users of these facilities will find their experience of these rooms enhanced as a result of the upgrades.  We would also be happy to receive any feedback via our online feedback form.   


We would like to express our thanks to colleagues from the ESS maintenance and ISS networks teams for their valuable assistance during this project.

Published: 11:56 23rd September 2010, Last Updated: 12:08 23rd September 2010