Induction loop improvements in teaching rooms

ISS Audio Visual Services (AVSD) has undertaken a significant amount of work this year to improve the hearing loop systems in supported teaching rooms.  Many of the existing loops did not perform correctly and an initial survey, carried out by AVSD, revealed an alarming number of installed induction loop systems did not meet the required British and EU standards.

Funding was secured to correct this situation and induction loop specialists Ampetronic were brought in, under supervision of the audio visual team, to test locations, provide reports and design workable loops. In particular the induction loops in the Herschel ground floor lecture theatres were very poor quality so we liaised with Ampetronic to create complex bespoke design solutions for all 4 theatres to resolve previous issues. 

During this years' summer vacation, working extremely closely with ESS and other external contractors, we coordinated the removal of lecture theatre seating and all floor coverings, the physical new loop installation, the laying of new floor coverings and re-installation of seating all within a 6 week period.

Ampetronic recently returned to the University to carry out a commissioning programme on the recent works both in Herschel and various other rooms on campus and all rooms are now compliant with recommended standards. 

We can now proudly say that at the end of Phase 1 we now have 21 loop systems meeting recommended standards - a 41% increase since January.  The remaining systems have known solutions and we are hoping that we can begin to address these in Phase 2.

We would like to express our thanks to all involved, in particular staff from ESS, in helping us makes this phase of the project a success.

Published: 10:12 28th September 2010, Last Updated: 15:13 7th October 2010