New help facility in SAP R/3

We have now introduced some new functionality to SAP R/3 to help you access relevant training materials quickly when required.

The new context sensitive help will, when selected, link you through to a web page displaying all of the published documentation for the specific SAP screen you are in (currently developed for Student administration and Manager’s Desktop), or for areas where new documentation has not yet been published a web page advising that there is no context sensitive help, from which you can access our old style training material. Over the coming months, as more areas of SAP are re-documented using our new software we will make them available via context sensitive help.

Accessing context sensitive help

In the screen that you are having a problem, go to the menu bar at the top of the screen and click Help > Newcastle University Help as shown below:


When Newcastle University Help is selected a web browser window or a new tab within an open web browser window will be opened and will display one of three things.

1.    If there are multiple training documents for the screen you are in:

The web page that opens will list all of the training documentation relevant to the screen you are in. To view a specific training document click the link, eg click Cancel module bookings.

2.    If there is only one training document for the screen you are in:

The web page that opens will display the published training document for the screen you are in, initially in Cue Card (xhtml) format.

3.    If there is currently no new style training documents for the screen you are in:

The web page that opens will display a message informing you that context sensitive help is not currently available for the screen you are in. You can however use the Training guides link down the left hand side of the screen to navigate to our old style training documentation.

New Style documentation

Once you are in to one of the new style training documents there are several different formats of it that can be viewed. The available formats are accessed using the drop down list in the top right corner of the web page as shown below:

The standard formats we make available are as follows:

  • Cue Card (xhtml) - This is for viewing on screen and gives you the outline of the process. Screenshots and field information can be accessed by clicking on links.
  • Work Instruction (xhtml) - This is for viewing on screen and gives you the full detail of the process including relevant screenshots and full field information.
  • Work Instruction (pdf) - This is a printable version of the work instruction.
  • Quick Reference (Step) (pdf) - This is a printable version of the Cue Card.
  • Simulation (html) - The simulations show you the process happening on screen and replace what we used to call movies. There are three choices for how you wish to view the simulation.

1.    Demonstration – This will play through the simulation following set timings and a default route. 

2.    Tutorial with instructions – This will tell you what needs to be done but you have to perform the actual clicks and make the required entries. Where a process branches you can choose which route to follow. 

3.    Tutorial without instructions – This behaves as per the tutorial with instructions but does not tell you where to click or what to enter so can act as a self test.  

Published: 08:00 26th September 2011, Last Updated: 16:38 22nd September 2011