One-to-one sessions

In order to attend, you must complete the booking form

Date/Time: Thursday 8th March 2018 09:00 - Thursday 8th March 2018 17:30

Course duration: 1 hour

You will receive an email confirmation of your booking and a calendar appointment. This should be received within 2 working days.

These sessions do not replace the Service Desk who can still be contacted on extension 85999 for any of your SAP problems or queries.

 One to one sessions can be used to cover any of the following:

Financial reporting

HR Drilldown reporting

Online expenses

Cash desk

CRM Interaction centre for Interaction team

CRM Interaction centre

Library staff training

Managers Desktop

Business Warehouse reporting

UG admissions

PG admissions: portal and reporting

International exchange admissions

Student Information Gateway

Purchasing card coding and approval

Requestor training

Shopping cart approval and processing WIC/WIA

MeetingSquared (paperless meetings)


* Request access for shopping cart approval and WIC/WIA via the following form

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