Print from your laptop, tablet or mobile in clusters

There's a new way for students to print in campus clusters!

You can now print to campus cluster room printers straight from your own laptop, tablet or mobile.

To use the new service simply visit, choose how you would like to print your file and select the printer you’d like to collect it from.

There are a number of ways to print your documents:

  • Upload your file at and select a cluster room printer online
  • Set up the driver on your computer and print straight from within your applications (full instructions at
  • Send an email with the documents attached to we’ll process your document and send you reply email

Your uploaded files are held in a queue until you are ready to print and collect; they can also be deleted if no longer required. The usual print charges apply; the funds will be automatically taken from your University student print account.

Published: 09:38 16th October 2015, Last Updated: 09:10 27th October 2015