Online Assessment (OLAF)


The OLAF (Online Assessment and Feedback) Service run a large number of secure online high stakes exams in both assessment periods and during the teaching term. It is a collaboration between LTDS (Learning and Teaching Development Service), NUIT and the Exams Office, who work closely with the academic units involved in each exam.

These exams utilise the VLE tests tool, which contain 13 question types, many of which can be automatically marked and feedback can be built into the exam. The exam runs in a locked down browser to stop students accessing other resources during the test.

OLAF exams are run across all three faculties and most academic units, and account for nearly 10% of all high stakes exams in the university.

To find out more about OLAF exams, how these could be utilised in your subject area, or to request to run your assessment through OLAF please email