These are IT services of relevance to researchers.

  • Blogs
    Individual or for a team. We subscribe to an efficient spam-filtering service so that you can leave the comments open if you wish.
  • Code Version Repository
    Store source code and manage changes to development projects. Uses Subversion (SVN).
  • Data Analysis with SPSS
    One to one advice is also available
  • E-mail list service
    Lists must be owned by a member of the University (staff or student) and should have active participation from within the University; no other restriction on membership. Very configurable for use as private or public forums.
  • File dropoff
    Drop off large files for collection by internal or external collaborators. External collaborators can drop off files for collection by you.
  • HPC server hosting
    Your cluster in our datacentre
  • Research computing
    HPC and HTC systems
  • Software
    available on Unix time-sharing services and public PC clusters
  • Videoconferencing
    Using managed videoconferencing suites, the desktop or a combination.
  • Virtual Research Environment
    An integrated set of tools to facilitate the running of projects. External collaborators can easily be given access.
  • Web sites
    For research projects or conferences. Published using an enterprise content management system. We can also offer domain hosting where appropriate.
  • Wikis
    Collaborative creation of information. Uses MediaWiki.

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