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Supervision over Lync

Lync User Hasan Kadhim

Hasan is in the first year of a phD in EECE investigating speech separation.  He uses Lync for about 1 hour a week for a voice/video supervision call with his supervisor who is based in Singapore.  Outside these calls their main communication is by email.

Hasan is used to using a variety of apps to communicate with friends, family and colleagues.  When speaking with family in Iraq he prefers to use Skype as this gives him video, a clearer voice signal without charges.  He’s also used Hangouts, Viber and Wassup.  He has the Lync 2013 mobile app on his phone, but uses other applications more heavily – mainly due to the limited number of his contacts who are on  Lync.

Hasan started using Lync at the request of his supervisor.  He’s found it easy to use, and doesn’t think there is a great need for training as it is so similar in operation to other applications.    

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