External Contacts

Skype for Business can be used to communicate with contacts outside the University.  

Contacts who have a Skype for Business account 

You can add external people to your Skype for Business contacts if 

  1. they have a Skype for Business Account 
  2. their organisation has permitted external connections (federation)

To add external contacts typing their "SIP Address" into the contacts search area.  Their SIP address may be the same as their email address, but could be slightly different.   (SIP addresses for staff at Newcastle University are of the form: "userid@newcastle.ac.uk"  eg: nfb99@newcastle.ac.uk)

Contacts without a Skype for Business account

External contacts without Skype for Business can join scheduled Skype for Business meetings with the Skype for Business Web App.  

You don't need to download or install any apps to join a meeting with Skype for Business Web App. Just select Join Skype Meeting in the email or calendar meeting request you received. If the computer you're using doesn't have Skype for Business installed, a browser window opens and you can join the meeting.



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