Smartcard access into buildings and rooms

Newcastle University Buildings Access Control Systems - Smartcard access to campus facilities

The University operates a number of different access control systems to manage entry into facilities such as offices, lecture rooms, computer clusters, labs, student accommocation and the Sports Centre.  In all cases, the University Smartcard is used as a 'token' for entry, used by simply presenting the card against an electronic reader which then releases the door lock and allows entry.

The precise arrangements for Smartcard access around campus vary and will depend on the particular requirements of the area in question. Some areas are strictly controlled, e.g. labs containing hazardous materials, whereas other areas may only be smartcard-controlled outside of normal work and study hours.  Generally speaking, main entrances into buildings are centrally-managed by Professional Support Services teams, and tend to be open to everybody during (working-)day-time hours and are only Smartcard-controlled outside normal office hours.  Staff and Postgraduate Students have evening (out-of-hours) access to many University buildings by default. Undergraduate Students and other University members and visitors may be granted out-of-hours access, on request, at the discretion of the appropriate Heads of School, Building Managers or University Security staff.

What happens when a smartcard is replaced due to expiry, loss or damage?

NUIT recently engaged in work to improve access control and Smartcard systems around campus in order to enable a more seamless experience in the event of Smartcard replacements (which may occur due to loss, fault or expiry). As part of the improvement work, individual Chubb access control systems have now been linked to Smartcard issuing services, removing need for any further action on the part of the Smartcard owner when the card of an existing user is replaced.  The following areas are now linked to the Library Smartcard issuing system, picking up smartcard changes within 10 minutes of the card being re-issued. Also shown is who to contact if access to these areas is required in the first place:

  • Central, campus-wide (Global) access control system for all Staff & Students – incl. default access to Student Cluster rooms, Law Library & various other buildings (mainly external doors) (
  • Architecture, Planning & Landscape (APL) - including Building Science (
  • Agriculture, Food and Rural Development (AFRD) – Agriculture Building (Karen Stubbs)
  • Biology – Ridley 2 Building (Helen Munday, Joanne Pritchard, Heather Martin, Sarah Thompson, Jill Elliott & Kerry Harvey)
  • Baddiley-Clark Building (Centre for Bacterial Cell Biology) – (Laura Clifton)
  • Baddiley-Clark Building (Institute of Health and Society) – (Denise Heighton, Susan Leightley & Lavinia Miceli)
  • Business School (NUBS) - Barrack Road (
  • Campus for Ageing and Vitality, All Buildings – (Dorothy Carman, Andrew Daniels, Carol Pringle)
  • Castle Leazes Hall of Residence (Christine Catterson, Bev Bryant)
  • Catering & Conferencing - King's Road Centre (Ian Glover)
  • Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials (CEAM) - Merz Court (Daniel Padgett)
  • Chemistry - Bedson Building (Kate Kirkpatrick, Julie Sleightholme & Jane McCartney)
  • Civil Engineering - Drummond and Cassie Buildings (Scott Burdon, Laura Chisholm, Hannah Lister & Emma Tallentire)
  • Combined Honours - Bedson Building (
  • Computing - Urban Sciences Building (
  • Culture Lab – Kings Walk (
  • Dental Hospital, School of Dental Sciences – (Jill Lloyd)
  • Devonshire Building – incl. SAGE Faculty Office (contact your host academic School Office / Service)
  • ECLS - King George VI (David Carr, Gillian Cavagan)
  • Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE) - Merz Court (
  • English - Percy Building (Jeff Wilson)
  • Estates Support Services (ESS) - Agriculture Building & Eldon Place (
  • Fine Art - King Edwards VII Building (Kathy Barker & Jason Parmley)
  • HASS Faculty Office - Daysh Building (Alison Jeavons & Brady Scott )
  • Henderson Hall of Residence (
  • History, Classics and Archaeology - Armstrong Building (Leigh Denley, Stuart Frazer & James Main)
  • INEX - Herschel Annex (Andrew Stokes (External))
  • International Centre for Life (ICFL) Biomedicine East and Biomedicine West Buildings (Institute of Genetic Medicine) – (Lisa Hodgson, Debra Jones)
  • IT Service (NUIT) - Claremont Tower and Bridge (
  • INTO Building & Accommodation (Gareth McKay, Jan Soulsby)
  • King's Gate Building (
  • Law School PGT & PGR Spaces (only) - 19 & 21 Windsor Terrace (Jane Hagger; for Law Library contact
  • Maths & Stats – Herschel Building ( John Nicholson or Michael Beaty)
  • McQuillan Laboratory - Bedson Building (Suzannah Harnor & Kate McAdam)
  • Mechanical Engineering - Stephenson Building (Derek Simm, Callum Squires)
  • Medical School, Out Of Hours requests and queries -
  • Medical School, Anatomy and Clinical Skills – (Brian Thompson)
  • Medical School, Henry Wellcome Building – (Mel Leitch)
  • Music Department – Armstrong Building (Graham Parker)
  • Music Studios (David de la Haye)
  • Paul O’Gorman Building, Northern Institute of Cancer Research – (Rebecca Kenyon & Dominic Lamb)
  • Physics ( John Nicholson)
  • Research Beehive - Old Library Building (
  • Richardson Road (Car Parking) (
  • Philip Robinson Library rear door (David Errington, Paul Kobasa)
  • School of Psychology - Ridley 1 Building (Beverly Brennan, Darren Burr)
  • School of Medical Education - Ridley 1 Building (Susan McAllister)
  • Students' Union (
  • Urban Sciences Building (USB) - see above under Computing
  • Wolfson Unit (Annette Lane)
  • 89 Sandyford Road (Paul Kobasa & David Errington)

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