Campus Managed Desktop

The Campus Managed Desktop is a way of installing Windows and other software on PCs so that it represents a uniform, well-configured installation, which – for system supporters – is simple to manage and troubleshoot and which – for users – remains constant and reliable, no matter which PC on campus is used. Although the same basic system is installed, Managed Desktop PCs can be configured differently to suit the needs of a particular user or School.

Campus Managed Desktop

The term Campus Managed Desktop is descriptive of the variety of systems being used across campus: "management" may range from locked-down systems (found for example in PC Clusters) to the more flexible systems found in staff offices.

Please see the Software Compatibility Matrix which describes the software policies we make available centrally and what versions of Windows they are supported on

If you have any queries regarding centrally managed software, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Computing Officers

Please see Information for IT Support Staff for access to restricted technical documentation.

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