Adobe Licenses

Adobe has adopted a subscription only license model for all future versions of its software.

We now have 2 purchasing options available:

1.    Creative Cloud - License individual(s).  This is an annual subscription model with any purchases made throughout the year added on a pro-rata basis. As the name suggests these are the creative software titles available from Adobe and a named user subscription method is now the only way to purchase the rights to use this software. 

2.    Perpetual - License the device(s) within a school/dept.  This is the traditional method of buying software however you are limited to software that sits outside of the Creative Cloud suite of products such as Photoshop Elements and Captivate. 

Q1. Where can I find out what software is available? You’ll find a list all available software along with more detailed information on some of our more popular Adobe products here.

Q2. I've already got a subscription can I join the University account?  Yes, just follow the subscription link from the software pages; remember to include your existing email address/Adobe ID on your order for continuity!

Q3. What is the process for renewing the subscription? You will be sent a reminder notification asking whether you wish to continue your subscription along with instructions on how to do so.

Q4. Can I transfer my subscription to another user or device? Yes this can be arranged at any time, please log a support call with the IT Service Desk.

Q5. I already have a perpetual Adobe software license, is this still ok to use? Yes, you can continue to use the software and even move it to a new computer if and when needed. 

Q6. What about Adobe Acrobat Pro? This is an exception to the above scenarios under our current license arrangements, more information here.

Q7. Can I purchase a subscription for a single Creative Cloud app? No. This isn’t an option under our current license arrangements; your subscription gets you access to a suite of creative applications.

Q8. What about Adobe Connect? Adobe Connect isn’t included in the Creative Cloud Suite of software but is still licensed on a subscription basis, more information here.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss your options please log a call with the IT Service Desk.

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