Image Creation & Manipulation

Software Licence: Erdas Imagine

Image mapping and visualization tool

University Owned Machines

This licence is centrally funded. There will be no recharge to Schools for installation on University-owned machines. Contact the IT Service for installation.

Note - If you need to have this software installed on a non networked University-owned machine there are additional steps involved to activate the software. Please complete the application form below to allow a unique installation code to be issued.

Staff and Student's Personal Machines

Personal copies of this software are available to registered members of staff and students for teaching and research purposes (no commercial work can be undertaken).

To download and install the software:

  1. Follow this link to the Intergraph product download portal
  2. Download: ERDAS Foundation & ERDAS Imagine
  3. Open the downloaded zip files and extract to a temporary directory - keep it short: C:\temp is a good place.
  4. Install ERDAS Foundation 2016
  5. Install  ERDAS Imagine 2016
  6. Once both are installed, on your Start menu go to All Programs > Intergraph Licensing 11.13.2
  7. Open the Intergraph License Host ID (this is the composite ID).
  8. Please enter the Composite ID of your machine in the 'Other information' field of the application form (below)

Important Information

Covered under the agreement: The licences are used for distance learning purposes

Where the end user is on a distance learning course with the main teaching hub being in the UK, we are covered under our existing agreement – therefore no additional cost.

Not covered under the agreement: The licences are used on a facility in another country

Where the licences are to be installed in a facility run by Newcastle (directly or in partnership with a 3rd party) within another country. This is not covered under our existing agreement.