Using RAS on Android

To access RAS on an Android device you will need to download and install the Citrix Receiver from the Google Play Store

Once the App has been installed open it and you will be presented with this screen. Click on Add Account.

Type in your email address (e.g then click next. Your settings will be validated.

Type in your Username and Password, and type in campus as the domain. Click Add (note that sometimes you may need to enter instead of just campus for the domain)

Click on your email address to view your applications.

You can now browse the folders containing the available applications, or use the Search Apps facility. To load an application click on it once.

Use the Settings tab to access further configuration options.

Use the dropdown arrow to access keyboard and pointer settings.

You can link apps to your favourites list, or directly on your Android homescreen by long-pressing on each application.

Please note that if you wish to exit an application do not use the Android home button, else you will remain connected - use the normal way to exit an application via the X or File -> Exit.

Support for Android is limited. Due to the nature of the device the IT Service cannot diagnose connections. If you are having problems connecting we suggest you quit the Citrix Receiver app completely (not just exit) and re-launch it. If that doesn't work please delete the setup and try again.

Problems encountered with applications within RAS are supported as normal.

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