Using RAS on iPad, iPhone and iPod

To access RAS on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you must be on at least iOS 5.1 and use version 5.9 of the client available from the App Store.

Once the App has been installed open it and you will be presented with this screen, tap Add Account

‌For the address type then tap Next

E‌nter your user and password, and specify campus as the domain. Tap Log On


You can now select from the available applications. Single tap to open an application, then your application will open (e.g Word below)

At the top of the screen you will see a downward arrow, press this to bring up the In-Session menu as you can see above.

It is recommended that you select the mouse icon to give you a more precise pointing device when using apps as the icons can generally be quite small.

Select the gestures icon to see what gestures are available to you (for right clicking etc)

Installing RAS on iOS

Please note that if you wish to exit an application do not use the device home button, else you will remain connected - use the normal way to exit an application via the X or File -> Exit.

You can also only launch one application at a time; to switch between applications you must close the one you are working on and launch the new one. There is also no option to transfer files between the iPad and the Citrix receiver, i.e. you cannot save files to the iPad.

Support for the iPad is limited. Due to the nature of the device the IT Service cannot diagnose connections. If you are having problems connecting we suggest you quit the Citrix Receiver app completely (not just exit) and re-launch it. If that doesn't work please delete the setup and try again.

Problems encountered with applications within RAS are supported as normal.

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