Using RAS on Windows 8 RT

These instructions refer to the RT Tablet release of Windows 8. If you are using the full version of Windows 8 please see Using RAS on Windows.

To access RAS on Windows 8 RT (Surface Tablet) you should install the Citrix Receiver from the Windows Store. Once installed, open the Citrix Receiver from the Windows Start Screen

Windows 8 RT Image 1

Enter the server address as

Windows 8 RT Image 2

Logon using campus\your-username, and your password

Windows 8 RT Image 3

Once successfully logged on, right-click on the main screen and click to add Apps (+). A list of all available applications on RAS will be displayed

Windows 8 RT Image 4

Single-click on each application that you wish to add to your personal app list.
Return to the main screen by clicking on My Apps (Number), then single-click on an app to load.

Windows 8 RT Image 5

Settings are available from the Charms menu (Windows key + C).

Windows 8 RT Image 6

Please note that RAS will keep you logged in for a short period after you disconnect an application to save time if you want to use another app. On Windows 8 RT this will manifest itself as a blue screen for up to a minute, to go back to the app menu – open the Charms menu (Windows key + C) then select Log Off.

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