Using the HTML5 Client

RAS can be accessed via without installing any additional software, this will use the inbuilt HTML5 Citrix Receiver.
Please note that the HTML5 Citrix Receiver does not support mapping of your local drives and printers. To enable these features you will need to install the full Citrix Receiver.

Providing you have not previously installed the Citrix Reciever on your computer, after logging on to RAS you will receive one of the following messages (depending on your browser).
Click on Use HTML5 Client, or Log on.

Once you are logged into RAS you can add apps to your personal ‘store’ by expanding the + menu and clicking on the app you require, or by using the search box.

Once added to your store you can launch the app by single clicking on the icon to open it.

To remove an app from your store single click on the X in the top left of the app icon.

Applications launched using the HTML5 Client will appear as a new tab or window in your web browser. If you are experiencing issues with the tabs opening, please ensure popups are enabled in your browser for and

As all applications will launch in a single browser tab you will need to use the taskbar within the browser to toggle between them.


Copying and pasting can be performed by using the toolbar.

The toolbar can be moved by clicking and dragging it up/down, or to the left and right sides of the screen.


Chrome users can toggle between the HTML5 Client and the full Citrix Receiver by selecting Change Receiver from the user dropdown menu. Users of other browsers will use the full Citrix Receiver client by default if it is installed. To use HTML5 you will first need to uninstall the Citrix Receiver (see FAQ 1.3).


Minimum browser requirements for HTML5 Client:

  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Safari 6
  • Google Chrome 33
  • Mozilla Firefox 26

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