Dual Projection

Dual projection allows the presentation of two independent images side by side.

In December 2015 the University Learning & Teaching sub committe approved a proposal for Dual projection to become the de-facto standard for audio visual (AV) provision in all teaching spaces of over 100 capacity where the teaching wall can accomodate these facilities.



There are significant benefits for learning, teaching and the staff and student experience including:-

  1. A more flexible and dynamic experience for teaching staff due to the ability to project two sources simultaneously 
  2. A better overall experience and improved accessibility for students as written material is displayed larger when projected using a visualiser or other digital writing solution (with the capacity to zoom in further if required).  Conversely, written material on a traditional surface such as a whiteboard can often be illegible, particularly in large capacity and long teaching spaces.
  3. Increased flexibility for users of ReCap whereby written material can be projected alongside presented material and both are captured

Dual Projection facilities are provided in the following spaces:

  • BSTC B32 & 1.48
  • Dental RB Green & LT C
  • Med School David Shaw
  • Ridley 165
  • Stephenson F1 & F16
  • USB 1.006, 2.022, 4.005