Herschel Learning Lab

Briefing for Herschel Learning Lab

The Herschel Learning Lab project developed over a number of years; driven by a need for a 100+ seat flat-floor space to support group work and collaboration and reflecting increased awareness of technology enhanced learning and SOLE techniques, from this the concept was developed to cater for a broad range of activities across all faculties and subject areas.

Initial workshops and working groups with teaching staff and students were set up through the HE Research Project undertaken by ESS and ECLS, the aim here was to establish some design and usability criteria which everyone could contribute to. Pam Woolner and Ulrike Thomas (ECLS) lead the research project and co-ordinated the workshops and working groups. The final capacity of the space is 126 students.

AV and IT Capabilities

  1. The decision was made to avoid a traditional teaching wall to promote innovative and less conventional ways of teaching with the lecturer free to move about the room.
  2. Each of the 16 collaborative stations has its own large screen, computer and connections for personal devices to allow groups to work on their own individual tasks.
  3. The teaching station allows the lecturer to send their presentation to all of the 16 collaborative stations and grab presentations from any collaborative station for review or share with the rest of room. A split-screen function allows the lecturer to present several presentations at once.
  4. The lecturer can digitally annotate over their own presentation or over a presentation they grab from one of the collaborative stations.
  5. The lecturer can present wirelessly from a tablet, which allows them to wander the room so they aren’t tied to the lectern when presenting.


Removing Central Workstations

The middle workstations in the Herschel Learning Lab (Workstations 11-14) can be moved on request.

Requests are subject to a minimum notice period, room availability and resource availability during core operating hours. This is to allow workstations to be safely disconnected and stored prior to an event and then reconnected and tested ahead of subsequent events. 

To request removal of these workstations please submit an AV Resource Booking form.  

Herschel Learning Lab Layout PDF 399Kb

To view a plan of the Herschel Learning Lab - please click this link.