Improvements to AV Systems

Ahead of the start of the 2018-19 academic year NUIT Audio Visual Services will be making improvements to systems in common user spaces as follows.

Removal of VGA connections

Supporting VGA connectivity within digital AV systems is now technically challenging therefore, to enable us to support modern devices with higher resolutions and reduce the chance of users having technical problems, we will only be providing digital connectivity to our systems in the future.

All common user rooms will maintain an HDMI cable and, in a number of spaces, we will be providing wireless presentation connectivity using a system called ‘Solstice’ (see below).

For anyone wishing to use their laptop with the AV system in a common user room we would strongly recommend you check it has an HDMI socket.  If not, you will need to source an appropriate adapter or connect wirelessly to the Solstice system where available.

Provision of Wireless Display Presentation (Solstice)

In new and refurbished common user teaching spaces we are providing a new wireless presentation system called ‘Solstice'. 

This will allow users to easily present content from their personal device to the main display in the room.

More details on using Solstice and where it is available can be found via this link

Change to display aspect ratios

As technology has evolved, and to enable us to effectively support modern PCs and mobile devices, we have gradually moved from displaying square images (4:3 aspect ratio) to widescreen images (16:9 aspect ratio) when spaces have been refurbished.  Microsoft Powerpoint 2013 & 2016 presentations are now set up as widescreen (16:9 aspect ratio) by default.

From the start of the 2018/19 academic year over 95% of displays in common user spaces will be widescreen (16:9 aspect ratio).

We would therefore strongly recommend presentations are set up or adjusted to a widescreen format. This will allow the full width of the display to be utilised and remove black bars on either side of slides. More information on changing the size of your slides is available via this link

Please note when using the Document Camera/Visualiser - it will no longer to possible to show a full page A4 sheet of paper in portrait mode at once.

Please adjust your teaching material accordingly or move any content to be displayed up/down to show content in smaller sections.   

Teaching PCs updated to Windows 10

PCs connected to AV systems in common user teaching spaces will be updated to Windows 10 and Office 2016 over the summer. 

More details on the Windows 10 Rollout are available here

Signing out of an AV Windows 10 PC

To sign out of an AV PC running Windows 10, please use the Sign Out Button located in the bottom left hand corner of your desktop, located near the Windows Start Menu Icon. 

No shut down options are available on AV PCs in Windows 10 to ensure PCs are always available for the next user of a space.

Please ensure you use the Log Out button and do not leave PCs locked as this disrupts the next user of the room.