Interactive Facilities

The are several options in terms of Interactive technology depending on the specific venue being used:

A touch screen monitor is provided on the AV lectern connected to the installed PC in the following venues: 

  • Cassie 2.32
  • Dental LTD
  • Herschel LT1
  • Windsor Terrace Law LT
  • USB 1.006, 2.022 & 4.005

Touchscreen facilities are provided via the main display in the following smaller spaces:

  • Devonshire G20, G21, G27
  • KGVI Howden Room
  • Med L1.0
  • OLB 5.21, 6.02
  • Politics G22, G28, 1.29 & 1.31
  • Ridley Seminar Rooms (1.42 - 1.59)

SmartBoards & NoteBook software are available in the following rooms:

  • KGVI 1.43a & 1.43b


Ombea is the University supported Responce System. It is available in all centrally supported spaces and can be made availabe in School owned spaces on request.

More details on Ombea are available via this link