Converting ProtectNetwork credentials - for existing collaborators

Currently external collaborators can authenticate to the VRE using a user identifier supplied by ProtectNetwork. Our contract with ProtectNetwork will expire on 15 Nov 15 and will not be renewed as the cost of doing so has become prohibitively expensive. The ability to log in with a ProtectNetwork identifier will not be removed and will still be an option for anyone who has their own subscription.

Until our contract expires, current ProtectNetwork users can change their access credentials for the VRE to one of Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or indiid via the following steps.

  • Visit
  • Select ProtectNetwork as your provider and log in as usual.
  • The page will prompt you to log in again using your new login credentials. Note that you may have to use the “Show all” button to show the full list of identity providers, and that the list itself scrolls.
  • Follow the instructions to replace your ProtectNetwork credentials with your chosen alternative identity provider.
  • Use the new identity provider for future logins.

For the nervous: your password never leaves the identity provider’s system - it is not passed across the Internet and it is not stored on any Newcastle University system.