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AESOP (Architectural Environments for Smart Organisation Portals)

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AESOP brings together 7 partners and extensive background in projects which have looked at the problem of servicing the needs of clients where information requirements are complex, dynamic and drawn from many different sources. As part of IST 2001 Key Action SMART Organisations, AESOP aims to deliver three main results:

All partners will actively disseminate information to a wide audience within their respective spheres and Eurochambres which will organise series of workshops for member Chambers of Commerce. There will be both commercial and user exploitation of the results of the project.AESOP will make a positive contribution to the SMART Organisations Key Action by producing results which will bring real benefits to Chambers of Commerce and their members. The combination of background experience, technical innovation and change management and architectural studies will provide a deeper and practical understanding of the problems of the effective deployment of on-line services.