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Experiments in Science Communication: A Pilot Study with a Digital TV Channel

This project will work in collaboration with Einstein TV, a UK digital TV science channel. The project will build a partnership between scientists, Einstein TV and the social scientists on the project team. That partnership will be focused on developing, implementing and evaluating new forms of science broadcasting. Einstein TV is already attempting to be innovative in its style of science broadcasting, for instance through a 'rolling programme' of short items designed to appeal to the 'browser style' common with many viewers of digital TV. These items are updated often enough to induce repeat viewing. The project has two main activities: an Initial Case Study of the channel, and a Feasibility Study for a longer-term project. The latter will form the basis for a bid to the second round of the Science In Society programme in late 2002. The project utilises the applicants' expertise and resources in (a) sociological and economic approaches to science and technology, and (b) media content analysis and audience research, with specific expertise in science reporting. The Feasibility Study will investigate the possibilities for developing, implementing and evaluating novel forms of science broadcasting. That novelty will consist firstly of new forms presentational style and content; and secondly utilise the interactive features of digital TV and the World Wide Web. The Initial Case Study will analyse the current work of the channel, which is both a broadcaster covering scientific and technological innovation, and an 'innovating company', selling a new technology-based service to specific market niches (target audience segments and other TV broadcasters).