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Information Governance in the North East Benchmarking Report

Information Governance as concept is faced with the challenge of measuring its presence and its effects in order to make judgements about performance. During 2007/8 Danny Budzak (Being Digital) benchmarked the situation in the NE local government and identified the following. 


There were a core group of about 20% of councils who in  had a good understanding of the issues. Within these LAs there were a critical mass of people (both at an informal and formal level) who worked together and had senior management support. Within the remaining  80% of the councils we identified a good understanding of what the issues but considerable diversity between parts of the LAs operations with pockets of good practice, but with no corporate and shared approach to dealing with the issues and uncertainty about how to deal with this. Feedback from the interviews and workshops indicated general support for a regional approach to information management and governance and the development of generic standards. Overall there was evidence that all of the organisations that took part in the benchmarking had experienced data loss through specific instances of poor information governance. Most encouraging was an understanding on the part of everyone, even the higher performing local authorities, that there was still a lot of work to do to get this right.


For detailed information please see the ne-benchmarkv1 ....