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Virtual Electronic Social Care Record demonstrator project

 The VESCR project was part of the DH Information for Social Care Demonstrator Programme. The project was funded by the Information Policy Unit for Social Care at the Department of Health. The work was led by Newcastle City Council in partnership with the AMASE team at the Centre for Social and Business Informatics (SBI), University of Newcastle and Scientia Solutions ltd.The project used a participatory design approach which involved stakeholders with the emphasis on the requirements for prototypes on negotiations between the various parties. A series of design workshops were held to discuss work practices and the nature of the prototype VESCR (three prototypes were produced). Once the participatory design period was complete a group of users were asked to test the final VESCR prototype in situ. This work is ongoing. Interim evaluation results from discussions with users and recommendation for further work are presented in the ‌VESCRprojectfinalreport.