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Little Heresies Seminar Series-17

Seminar Series #17: Why Charity Funding May Be Doing More Harm Than Good

Heretic: Jake Hayman, Ten Years' Time CEO (2 February 2017).

Voted one of London’s ‘2014 Most Influential’, Jake is an advisor to some of the world’s leading new philanthropists through his consultancy Ten Years’ Time. He also contributes to Forbes as a philanthropy writer and is a course tutor for the University of Cambridge’s corporate philanthropy programme.

Jake founded social enterprises Future First and Future First Global and sits on the trustee boards of the Early Intervention Foundation and the £100m Lankelly Chase Foundation.

Jake is a former poker player and is a Dragon’s Den survivor, turning down an offer from Peter Jones on the BBC show.

Focus of the seminar

Jake Hayman asked 'What if I told you that giving to charity was not necessarily a good thing to do and that many of those who finance the charity sector are undermining, rather than reinforcing social change?'

The conservative world of philanthropy and grant giving is a strange and very closed one but it wields huge influence on the direction of the charities that should be busy serving our communities and transforming our society.

This talk explored where:

  • philanthropists and foundations are going wrong
  • charities are complicit
  • society’s most disadvantaged are being let down.

It also looked at what we can be done to change things.