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Dr Andreas Giazitzoglu

Senior Lecturer.


Dr Andreas Giazitzoglu 








·        Senior lecturer in Entrepreneurship.  

·        Specialises in researching how masculinities relate to 1. The sociology of entrepreneurship, 2. The sociology of organisations. 

·        Published in 3* and 4* ABS ranked journals, including the Journal of Business Venturing, Organization, International Small Business Journal and Gender, Work and Organizations. 

·        Research cited over 700 times since 2017 (Google Scholar); h-index: 10, i10-index: 11. 

·        Member of the Editorial Review Boards at Gender, Work and Organizations and NORMA: International Journal for Masculinity Studies

·        Research fellow at the UK National Innovation Centre for Rural Enterprise. 

·        External examiner for the BSc (Hons) Business and Management programme at Lancaster University Business School.

Roles and responsibilities


·        Member of the Marketing, Operations and Systems Subject Group (MOS) 

·        Module leader for Understanding Business Growth (BUS 1004), Entrepreneurship (BUS 3000) and Entrepreneurship and Innovation (BUS 3343, for Erasmus students) 

·        Past Roles held in MOS include: 

2018 – 2020: Degree Program Director for MSc in International Marketing

2015 – 2018: Chair of the Board of Examiners (UG MOS); 

2013 – 2018: PhD Convenor (MOS).  



·        BSc (Hons). MSc, University of Oxford (Hertford College). 2003. 

·        PhD, University of Durham (Hatfield College). 2007 – 20010. Passed Viva with no corrections. 

·        Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. 2016.  


·        October 2018 – Ongoing. Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship. Newcastle University Business School.  

·        May 2013 – October 2018. Lecturer in Entrepreneurship. Newcastle University Business School.  

·        December 2011 – May 2013. Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Entrepreneurship. Newcastle University Business School.  



2016: ‘Best paper of the year award’. Journal of Business Venturing.  

2018: Best Paper award Nomination. Institution for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Conference (Entrepreneurship in minority groups track). 

2021/2022: Nominated for Newcastle University’s Outstanding Contribution to Academic Support award. 

2021/2022: Nominated for Newcastle University’s Outstanding Contribution to Teaching award. 

2018/2019: Nominated for the UK’s National Enterprise Educator Award.  

2018/2019: Nominated for Newcastle University Education Award. 

2015/16, 2016/2017, 2017/2018, 2019/2020: 20221/2023: Nominated for Newcastle University’s Teaching Excellence Award.  

June, 2013. Winner of the National Federation of Independent Business Award for Excellence in Research on the General Topic of Entrepreneurship. Babson Entrepreneurship Research Conference, Babson University (USA). 


Research Expertise 

1.     The Sociology of Entrepreneurship. 

2.     The Sociology of Organisations.  

3.     Ethnography.


·        I have a particular interest in the role of masculinities in Entrepreneurship and Organisational contexts.  

·        I typically research at the empirical level, in relation to the Sociology of Goffman, Bourdieu and Connell’s theory of hegemonic masculinity.  


·        Part of the Innovation, Enterprise and Digital Business Research Community at Newcastle University Business School.  


·        Member of Newcastle University’s Centre for Research on Entrepreneurship, Wealth and Philanthropy.  


·        Research Fellow at the National Innovation Centre for Rural Enterprise. 



Current Work 


·        I am currently conducting ethnographic research work focused on entrepreneurship in market towns (funded). 

Funding Received  

·        March 2021 – Ongoing: Funded by the National Innovation Centre for Rural Enterprise as Principle Research Fellow, leading an ethnographic project investigating entrepreneurship in semi-rural, market towns.  


·        May 2021: Acquired £5,000 of funding from Newcastle University Business School’s Research & Impact Recovery Fund. Funding was used to employ Research Associates to capture data from entrepreneurs in Newcastle Upon Tyne, to inform a project on lived-experiences in entrepreneurial ecosystems. This funding is used in collaboration with £20,000 of international funding, which was used to employ Research Associates in Peth, Australia and Sicily, Italy,  who captured further, cross-national data on entrepreneurial ecosystems. Data that emerged from the funding will be used to inform an article.   


·        May 2022: Acquired £2,474 of funding from Newcastle University Business School Research Fund. Funding was used to employ a research associate to interview and collect data from entrepreneurs with religious beliefs as part of a project titled ‘when the faithful fail: exploring entrepreneurial failure’ (ongoing). 


Post Graduate Supervision  

I have supervised four PhD projects to completion (two as primary supervisor). 

I am keen to supervise more PhD projects.


Invited Presentations (Esteem Indicators)  

2023. European Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Symposium on Masculinities and Entrepreneurship; The Institut d'administration des entreprises de Paris, University of Paris. Giazitzoglu, A. ‘Entrepreneurial Masculinity as a Historical Construct’.  

2022. Rencontres de St-Gall, University of St Gallan, Switzerland. Giazitzoglu, A and Volery, T. ‘Entrepreneurship in marginal eco-systems: some provisional findings’.  

2022. Rural Humanities Workshop, on behalf of Leverhulme Trust, Centre for Rural Economy and National Centre for Rural Innovation. Research Showcase Event. Giazitzoglu, A. ‘Enterprise in market towns: some findings from ethnographic fieldwork’.  

2022. Journal of Management Studies Virtual Workshop. Giazitzoglu, A. ‘A local town, for local entrepreneurs?’

2020. COS Seminar Series, Durham University Business School. Giazitzoglu, A. ‘Gender-performance and selling’. 

2018. Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Conference, Birmingham, UK. Korede, O; Giazitzoglu, A. ‘The intersection of ethnic identity and entrepreneurial identity: an exploration rooted in the voices of African Immigrants in the UK’

2018. Professional Service Firms Conference, Oxford University, Said Business School. Giazitzoglu, A. ‘Class, Masculinities and the professions’.  

2016. ‘Everyone a Winner? Being and Becoming Socially Mobile’ conference, University of York/British Sociological Association. Giazitzoglu, A. ‘Masculinity, self-employment and upward mobility’. 

2016. ‘Gender and Class at Work’ conference, University of Birmingham. Giazitzoglu, A. Panellist on ‘class, masculinity and entrepreneurship’. 

2015. CERIC Seminar Series, Leeds University Business School. Giazitzoglu, A. ‘Organisational Socialisation and identity work’. 

2015. British Academy of Management’s ‘Gender Issues in Business Schools: Linking Research & Teaching Practice’ conference, Newcastle University. Giazitzoglu, A. Panellist on ‘masculinity’. 

2012. ‘How Class works Conference’, State University New York. Giazitzoglu, A. ‘Masculinity in post-industrial, Northern Britain’. 


Industry Relevance   

·        Giazitzoglu and Muzio (2021) considers how the culture of a professional organisation is experienced by people from social-class backgrounds that have historically been under-represented in the professions. Building on this research, since 2021, I have engaged with a law firm in the north-east region of England, to make their recruitment policies more inclusive. This has included providing workshops for the firm, helping the firm socialise/onboard new recruits and design job interviews and other aspects of recruitment to be less potentially discriminatory towards applicants from non-traditional class backgrounds. This engagement has resulted in a number of posts being filled by people with class backgrounds that are atypical in a professional firm.  


Media Appearances and Political Engagement 

·        Giazitzoglu’s (2020) article on hegemonic masculinity and emotions features on The If I only Knew Podcast, episode on ‘a crisis of masculinity’. 8th April 2021

·        MacDonald and Giazitzoglu’s (2019) article on enterprise in the gig economy featured in The Conversation. 1st November 2021. 

·        Giazitzoglu and Down’s (2017) article into entrepreneurial masculinity features on BBC Radio 4’s Thinking Allowed and in Forbes Magazine. 

·        Giazitzoglu, A. (2014) ‘qualitative upward mobility’ is used as the case-study in the National Oxford Cambridge and RSA AS Level Sociology paper (23rd May 2017).  

·        Cacciottia, Hayton, Mitchell and Giazitzoglu’s (2016) article on fear of failure in entrepreneurship featured in the LSE Business Review.   

·        Giazitzoglu’s research into upward mobility (2014) was presented to the Commission for Social Mobility and Child Poverty in Westminster, London (Monday 23rd May, 2016). 




Module Leader for: 


·    Bus 1004 (Business Growth) 

·    Bus 3000 (Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Lean Innovation) 

·    Bus 3343 (Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Lean Innovation for Erasmus students)