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Professor Rob Wilson

Visiting Researcher



I was a staff member at Newcastle for over two decades including nearly ten years as a contract researcher. I was a founding member of the Newcastle University Centre for Knowledge Innovation Technology and Enterprise (KITE) in 2006 and served two terms as the Director (2012-2018) and as the inaugural Chair of Information Systems Management (2014-2018) in the Business School. I am now a Visiting Researcher in Digital Civics at Open Lab, Computing Science and Professor at Northumbria University.


Over the course of a career of two decades at Newcastle I was engaged in over fifty research and development projects totalling over £4.5m. This work was based in three overlapping contexts - the integration and information aspects of public services (in particular contexts of health and social care - including children, older people and families); the challenges of information and measurement in local governance (the NHS, VCS/Third sector and local authorities) and the role of information and information systems in education in particular HEIs.

I have been involved in a range of academic publications including journal articles, book chapters and conference papers. The applied nature of much of the work in domains of policy and practice has also generated activity where impact has been made through commissioned policy and evaluation reports, workshops, invited presentations, expert advice and manager/practitioner toolkits. My work on Information Sharing was submitted as an Impact Case study to UoA 19 as part of REF 2014.