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About Us

About Us

Linguacast is a collection of unique language-learning multimedia resources. It can be used by GCSE (Key Stage 4) pupils, university students, and anyone who wants to learn a language.

All our materials were made at Newcastle University and recorded using native speakers.

We've created content that:

  • captures students' interest during lessons
  • conforms strictly with the AQA and Edexcel syllabuses for Key Stage 4
  • can be accessed on any device

All these language-learning materials are free to use.

The content is purposefully fun and engaging. We've had great feedback from students. You can use our resources for revision, in classrooms, or simply to try out a new language.

Our activities

Come on a school visit to use our language resources. We run interactive taster days and fun events.

How it started

We started to develop Linguacast in 2005. We watched students using ipods and mp3 players to listen to music. It occurred to us that they could use their devices for educational purposes too.

Our resources let students learn at their own pace, on their own devices.

Linguacast took two years and thousands of hours' work. We hope your students enjoy using it.