Language Resource Centre

New & Prospective Students

Welcome to the Language Resource Centre!

We support, facilitate and encourage independent learning of languages and cross-cultural communication. We provide access to and support for a variety of online and distance learning resources, as well as physical facilities and resources.

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New and Prospective Students

Resources & Services

The LRC provides access to a host of different types of learning resources and materials:

  • World TV & Film - a video streaming platform available on and off campus for NU students which hosts 8500+ items in over 100 languages (feature length films, TV programmes and documentaries, online learning materials, etc.). Content is categorised by language and fully searchable.
  • Language learning software available remotely such as uTalkTransparent Language and Sanako Pronounce Live. Even more available in the Centre.
  • Specialist software and materials for improvement of English and academic skills (e.g. Study Skills Success, Road to IELTS, Practical Writing, etc).
  • A Canvas online community with access to learning materials and study guides.
  • Tandem learning programmes: an online tandem board to help users find partners from the language exchange community of the LRC; e-Tandem partnerships with institutions in Spain, France, Germany and Japan - offering opportunities for virtual mobility, cross-cultural experience and language immersion.
  • Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) programme: conversation groups and one-to-one informal speaking practice sessions led by first-language level speaking students.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you will be become a member of the LRC in the near future!

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