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Mother Tongue Other Tongue

As part of International Newcastle’s “Express Yourself North East Festival of Languages”, the Language Resource Centre was recently involved in the regional celebration of “Mother Tongue, Other Tongue”. This project was adapted for the region, based on materials and the competition run by Manchester Metropolitan University and Routes into Language North West.     

For the celebration, children across the region submitted creative pieces, which are original or remembered, including poems, stories and song lyrics in their Mother Tongue, along with what the piece means to them, or to create an original piece in their Other Tongue – a language that they are learning.   

There were 75 submissions in 22 languages across 16 schools showcasing an incredible outpouring of creativity and emotionTheir writing expresses their feelings about the world, about themselves, about family, love and loss, joy and loneliness, about friendship and displacement. 

The LRC team and students from across campus reviewed all the entries and selected some for inclusion in the Mother Tongue Other Tongue digital anthology, reflecting the diversity of languages and creativity from the children and young people. 

All the pupils who submitted pieces received a digital certificate and we are grateful to all the schools and pupils who participated. We would like to share the anthology as widely as possible and celebrate their efforts and all the languages in our communities!  

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the Newcastle University students who contributed to the reviewing process for helping to make the project a success! We hope to be involved again next year and see even more entries.  

published on: 9 May 2022