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Vulnerability Across Disciplines

Vulnerability Across Disciplines

'Vulnerability Across Disciplines' - an online conference

The use of vulnerability theory has grown significantly over the last years. Depending on the discipline and/or topic area vulnerability is viewed from different perspectives and takes on a variety of meanings. This conference will bring together researchers from law, economics and education, charity workers and regulators to explore the topic of vulnerability to discuss overlaps and discrepancies in the general approach to vulnerability.

The keynote speaker was Prof Martha Fineman and a full list of the speakers is below.

Vulnerability Conference Schedule (PDF 0.2MB)







Our speakers

  • Prof. Jacolien Barnard
  • Dr LAÍS Bergstein
  • Prof.. Sarah Brown
  • Prof.. Ilaria Amelia Caggiano
  • Prof. Peter Cartwright
  • Prof. Lilie Chouliaraki
  • Kate Collyer
  • Martin Coppack
  • Dr Mateja Durovic
  • Jamie Evans
  • Dr Andrea Fejős
  • Prof. Lucilla Gatt
  • Prof. Cosmo Graham
  • Prof.. Kathy Hamilton
  • Prof. Steve Hedley
  • Dr Andrew Hutchison


  • Dr Dimitrios Kagiaros
  • Dr Eleni Kaprou
  • Prof. Alexander E. Kirpichev
  • Prof. Martha McCluskey
  • Prof. Hans-Wolfgang Micklitz
  • Prof. Violeta Moreno-Lax
  • Dr Megan Pearson
  • Prof. Maria Piacentini
  • Raawiyah Rifath
  • Prof. Marc Roark
  • Cathryn Ross
  • Prof. Nic Ryder
  • Dr Sharifah Sekalala
  • Dr Eugenia Caracciolo di Torella
  • Prof. Lua Kamal Yuille
  • Dr Ugochi Amajuoyi