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Rewriting Children’s Rights Judgements

Influencing the adoption of a children’s rights approach in law and practice.

Influencing a children's rights approach

There's recognised disjuncture between children’s ‘rights on paper’ and rights in practiceProf Kathryn Hollingsworth’s research has helped redress this problem.

It has influenced the adoption of a children’s rights approach within law and practice, which it has done across many jurisdictions.

Kathryn's research has influenced New Zealand’s Ministry of Children. They've introduced new legislative provisions that adopt an overt children’s rights approach.

Shaping global legal practice

The research has also:

  • shaped and delivered judicial training
  • changing judicial practice in multiple jurisdictions
  • influenced and informed the Judicial College in the development of judicial guidance
  • increased judicial awareness and understanding in relation to children’s rights approaches to judgement-writing and sentencing


Professor Hollingsworth has completed research briefings on:

  • Child friendly judgments
  • Children’s rights approach
  • Sentencing remarks for children 
  • EUSS and Youth Justice
  • Judgments for Children


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