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Stage Evaluation

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Stage Evaluations

Stage evaluations are open for all students on taught programmes (both undergraduate and postgraduate) and are carried out in semester 1 and 2.  The surveys are used to gather feedback on the students’ experiences of their programme and their university experience.   

The stage evaluation survey has a set of core questions including: 

  • Teaching 
  • Learning Community  
  • Learning Opportunities 
  • Assessment and Feedback 
  • Academic support 
  • Organisation and Management 
  • Learning Resources 
  • Student Voice 
  • Wellbeing 
  • Overall Experience 

The survey includes a mix of scaled questions and free text questions. 

Students are also asked one free text question for every module they are taking that semester - providing staff with specific qualitative comments on individual modules too. 


The questions for 2022-23 have been approved by University Education Committee.  


In semester 1 all taught students will be asked the same questions.

In semester 2, final year undergraduate students and postgraduate taught students will take part in a shortened version as they will also take part in the National Student Survey (NSS) and Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES). Students on placement also receive a specific shortened survey, targetted to this experience, in semester 2.

Previous questions 


2020-21 (Semester 1)

2020-21 (Semester 2)



Promotion centrally and in academic units

We run a central campaign to promote this survey and encourage students to take part. They also receive regular reminders during the survey window - about the survey, its purpose and the incentives for completing this feedback.

Colleagues in academic units are also a really important part of promoting this survey to students. Local promotion allows colleagues in Schools to demonstrate how students' feedback matters and we know students respond well to the personal connection with staff asking them to share their experiences through the survey.

We have created a toolkit to help facilitate promotion in Schools -  this provides editable resources for many different formats - for lecture shout outs, to posters and digital screens in your schools. We are always happy to chat with you any plans for local survey promotion or support.

Stage Evaluation provides feedback on a students' experience across the semester but also specific feedback on modules, so encouraging as many students to complete this as possible makes the feedback and results more informative and representative of the cohort.

Survey window and results

The stage evaluations are conducted during a set survey window each semester.  Schools do have the option to select a shorter survey duration and this is arranged with the Educational Policy and Governance Service (EPGS). 

 During the academic year the survey windows are: 

  • Semester 1: Two teaching weeks before Christmas; one after and the first teaching week of semester 2 
  • Semester 2: Three teaching weeks before exams, three weeks after exams 

The surveys are administered by the EPGS team, with students receiving notification when their survey is available for completion. 

Once the surveys have closed the results are made available to academic units.  Module leaders will also receive the free text comments relating to their modules directly by email.  The quantitative results are also made available through a dedicated PowerBI report for all colleagues, this is available through the Educational Policy and Governance Service PowerBI Dashboard page.

Module Evaluations

If there is a requirement for Schools to conduct a module evaluation for the purposes of accreditation, or where a module is running for the first time and a School would prefer to evaluate this in more detail, the Educational Policy and Governance Service will run these on behalf of the School. This can be requested by completing this web form no later than four teaching weeks prior to the end of the module(s). Once the form has been submitted Educational Policy and Governance Service will contact the School to confirm when the evaluations will take place. Once the survey(s) have closed feedback will be made available to the module leader(s). There is no expectation that individual module surveys are compulsory under these circumstances, and the decision is made at the discretion of the School.